Welcome to list-directory.info – your one-stop shop for quick insights and fascinating snippets on every topic under the sun! This is a fun passion project dedicated to curating delightfully bite-sized yet information-packed lists on subjects ranging from culture and travel to nature, entertainment, and everything in between.

We’ve had fantastic feedback from students who love how our lists help them rapidly get up to speed on a new subject area. But the lists aren’t just for students – many people find them invaluable for gaining quick cultural insights when moving to a new country or exploring a new interest.

The Power of Lists

Lists are the ultimate tool for understanding broad topics fast. By stripping away the fluff and presenting just the key points, they enable readers to rapidly grasp the core concepts, highlights, facts, and valuable takeaways on any subject.

Well-crafted lists marry the joy of effortless learning with concise, skimmable content perfectly suited to our increasingly distractible modern age. Whether killing time or actively researching, lists satisfy our hunger for bite-sized knowledge bombs in our wonderful attention-deficit era.

Contributing & Content Standards

We currently have a small team, but we’re always on the lookout for talented writers who can adhere to our content guidelines:

  • Lists must be 100% original works written by the contributor
  • Topics can span anything from niche interests to broad cultural areas
  • Each list should comprehensively cover the key points, highlights or unmissable items within its topic area
  • Writing should be concise yet substantial, delivering rich insights and valuable takeaways with minimum fluff
  • An entertaining, conversational tone that makes topics come alive is encouraged

If you have a niche area of expertise and a flair for insightful, punchy list-based writing, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch to learn more about contributing to our quirky little hub of knowledge bites.

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*Yes, we use snail mail, hard to believe! We use regular mail as a trust mechanism, in this way, you know we are from the real world and we know you are too. We are 100% romantic fans of a slow-paced world with its traditional charms while using all the power of technology to enrich and enlarge that experience.

Website History

List-directory.info started life in 2005 as a project to catalogue the interests and favourite topics of its founder, most of which were related to Australia. It was quite a useful project in that era when the internet was still in its infancy.

Times have changed and so have we!

The website went offline during 2020-2022 for reasons you can guess and now, we are back. The format has changed and we hope to build it better than ever!