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A list of stain removal tips and guides.

  • How to Remove Blood Stains
    Option A: In half a litre of water mix two tablespoons of salt and sponge blood stained area, dry off with a hair dryer.
    Option B: Soak in a mix of cold salty water for an hour prior to washing.
    Option C: Use Borax,Bicarbonate of soda or Cornflour to make a paste and apply to blood stain and brush off when dry.
    Option D: For blood stains on carpet try sponging the stain with liquid detergent and clean with water.

  • Ink Stains - Biro Stains
    Option A: To remove ink stains from clothes try sponging stain with methylated spirits and wash with warm soapy water, rinsing well.
    Option B: Leave a handfull of salt on the ink stain overnight to absorb, brush off and wash.
    Option C: Dab with ammonia and wash.

  • Red Wine Stains
    Option A: Asorb red wine stain with salt. Sponge with warm water.
    Option B: Soak or sponge with a solution of Borax.

  • Removing Rust Stains
    Remove rust stains from tin by cutting a potato in half, dip in bicarbonate of soda and rub on rust.
    Remove rust spots from chrome bumper bars by crumpling aluminium foil using the shiny side to rub rust spots.
    Remove rust stain from a bath by mixing a paste of salt, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda and rub rust stains.

  • Removing Coffee Stains
    Remove coffee stains from carpet with cloth soaked in a mix of borax and warm water.
    Soak clothes in a strong solution of Borax and water. Wash as mormal.
    You can also try flushing clothes with soda water.
    Remove coffee stains from benchtops and cups by applying a paste made from bicarbonate of soda, allow to dry and rinse.

  • Concrete Stains
    Remove stains on concrete by dampening with water, cover with kitty litter and brush off after 30 mins.
    Oil stains on driveway, if fresh, try soaking up with sawdust or dry cement.
    You can also try removing oil by scrubbing with a strong solution of liquid detergent. White spirit can also help to remove residues.

  • Carpet Stains
    Remove alcohol stains from carpet by quickly asorbing excess and sponging stain with a cloth dampened in warm water.
    Sprinkle dry carpet with bicarb of soda, scrub with brush or broom, leave overnight and vacuum clean.
    Scrub a solution of white vinegar and water into carpet, let dry and vacuum.
    Cigarette burns in carpet can be covered up by rubbing around the mark with steel wool causing the fibres to lift and cover the mark.
    Soak up stains with talcum powder or bicarb of soda cream and brush or vacuum off the following day.

  • Leather Stains
    Rub gently with warm (not hot) soapy water.
    Apply petroleum jelly with a clean sponge.
    Sponge off with eucalyptus oil.

This is produced as a guide, always follow manufacturers guides and product labels and if unsure contact a professional cleaner.
See the Cleaning section.