Funny and Unusual Australian place names

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A list of some of the bizarre, unusual and funny Australian city and place names.

Banana - State: QLD - Google Map
Located south of Rockhampton it's well known for it's beef cattle but no bananas as far as the eye can see!

Binnaway - State: NSW - Google Map
I bet no one forgets to!

Boing Boing - State: NT - Google Map
Meaning "mosquitoes buzzing" in Aboriginal

Bong Bong - State: NSW - Google Map
An Aboriginal phrase meaning 'Out of Sight'

Boyland - State: QLD - Google Map
Popular place with teenage girls and it's where all the boy bands are manufactured, no really.

Broke - State: NSW - Google Map
A wine growing region in the Hunter Valley.

Burpengary - State: QLD - Google Map
Meaning the 'place of the wattle trees', apparently not named after some guy called Gary with exessive stomach gas.

Burrumbuttock - State: NSW - Google Map
According to locals Burrumbuttock means 'bullock's backbone'

Chinaman's Knob - State: VIC - Google Map
Name of a hill in Victoria

Chinkapook - State: VIC - Google Map
Means 'waterhole'

Christmas Island - State: - Google Map
Home of Australia's dentention centre for illegal immigrants, merry christmas!

Cock Wash - State: SA - Google Map
There's also a creek of the same name...

Cockburn - State: WA - Google Map
Named in honor of Vice Admiral Sir George Cockburn.

Coffin Bay - State: SA - Google Map
Named after Vice Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin.

Come By Chance - State: NSW - Google Map
Wouldn't plan on going there.

Delicate Nobby - State: NSW - Google Map
A popular tourist destination.

Diapur - State: VIC - Google Map
A place to go when youv'e got the..?

Dismal Swamp - State: TAS - Google Map
As named by the surveyor who had a less than enjoyable time in the area!

Dog Swamp - State: WA - Google Map
woof woof, bubble bubble...

Doo Town - State: TAS - Google Map
A place of action!

Dunedoo - State: NSW - Google Map
Prononced 'dunny-doo', in Aus lingo a dunny is a toilet!

Eggs and Bacon Bay - State: TAS - Google Map
You'd be dissapointed if they didn't serve a great brekky at the local cafe.

Foul Bay - State: SA - Google Map
Apparently a much nicer place than the name implies and how can you go wrong when it's just down the road from Tiddy Widdy Beach!

Gingin - State: WA - Google Map
The Aboriginal meaning is "place of many streams".

Gooloogong - State: NSW - Google Map
In the small town there are apparently about 250 Gooloogongians!

Goonoo Goonoo - State: NSW - Google Map
Pronounced "gunna g'noo"

Grong Grong - State: NSW - Google Map
Meaning 'poor camping ground'

Humpty Doo - State: NT - Google Map
Home of a boxing croc

Humpybong - State: QLD - Google Map
Humpybong means "dead shelters" in Aboriginal.

Innaloo - State: WA - Google Map
Innaloo is the name of an Aboriginal woman of the Dongara region. Sadly it has nothing to do with being in a loo!

Koolyanobbing - State: WA - Google Map
Aboriginal name meaning 'large hard rocks'

Manangatang - State: VIC - Google Map
Aboriginal word meaning land and water.

Mangalore - State: VIC - Google Map
It's Mang-alore not Man galore girls!!

Mooball - State: NSW - Google Map
Make sure you visit the Moo Moo Cafe if driving by!

Moolooloo - State: NT - Google Map
Aboriginal for 'slippery ridges'.

Mount Buggery - State: VIC - Google Map
Bugger, it's a mountain!

Nar Nar Goon - State: VIC - Google Map
From the aboriginal word for koala.

Nowhere Else - State: TAS - Google Map
There is also a place called Nowhere Else in SA too!

Orange - State: NSW - Google Map
And what do they grow there in abindance? Apples of course!

Ozenkadnook - State: VIC - Google Map
Means "very fat kangaroo" in Aboriginal.

Pimpinbudgie - State: QLD - Google Map
South of Kingaroy on the way to Toowoomba.

Poowong - State: VIC - Google Map
From the Aboriginal word for "carrion" or "putrefaction".

Rooty Hill - State: NSW - Google Map
Disappointingly, the name refers to roots exposed in fields around the hill following floods.

Smiggin Holes - State: NSW - Google Map
Popular ski resort that got its Scottish name from pools formed in rocks by cattle.

The End of the World - State: TAS - Google Map
The western most point of Tasmania

Tittybong - State: VIC - Google Map
If your looking, it's just north of Teddywaddy

Tom Ugly - State: NSW - Google Map
Named after an aboriginal man that apparently wasn't ugly at all

Upotipotpon - State: VIC - Google Map
A place half way between Nalinga and Violet Town in Victoria

Useless Loop - State: WA - Google Map
They mine salt there so it can't be all that useless!

Vite Vite - State: VIC - Google Map
Vite Vite is near Pura Pura and Nerrin Nerrin in South Western Victoria.

Wagga Wagga - State: NSW - Google Map
The aboriginal meaning is 'the place of many crows'

Watanobbi - State: NSW - Google Map
Means ' Hills surrounded by water'

Wee Waa - State: NSW - Google Map
Aboriginal meaning of Wee Waa is "Fire for Roasting"

Wineglass Bay - State: TAS - Google Map
Stunningly beautiful location!

Wonglepong - State: QLD - Google Map
Wonglepong, possibly meaning "forgotten sound" in Aboriginal

Woodie Woodie - State: WA - Google Map
Home to a Manganese mine.

Woolloomooloo - State: NSW - Google Map
Aboriginal name meaning young kangaroo

Xantippe - State: WA - Google Map
Australia's only place name beginning with "X" named after the wife of the philosopher Socrates.

Yackandandah - State: VIC - Google Map
Small village the other side of Bogan Gate.

Yorkeys Knob - State: QLD - Google Map
Named after a fisherman from Yorkshire, George Yorkey Lawson.