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A one page guide to Australian cuisines and food culture.

Traditional Australian foods are derived from Australia's English heritage, and of course from it's native inhabitants. Being a country populated mostly through immigration, it enjoys a wide range of cuisines, many that have been 'Australianised' over the years.

Iconic Australian Foods

A yeast extract with spices and other additives including Vitamin B. Popular with locals but it's bitter salty taste is usually not so well liked by visitors! It's normally spread on buttered toast of a morning, sometimes on dry biscuits as a snack.

Meat Pie
The meat pie, can be found just about everywhere, but it seems to have a special home at the stadiums hosting the nations favorite game, AFL (Australian League Football). Consisting of a meat gravy in a pastry shell, it also has many variants including the Steak and Kidney pie, Egg and Bacon Pie, Shepards Pie (peas, gravy, mashed potato),Chicken Pie, Curry Pie and many more.

The lamington is an old favorite, a dessert cake best enjoyed while sitting with a cuppa (cup of tea).

The pavlova originated some time in the 1920s, named after a famous ballet dancer. A dessert unique to Australia and New Zealand.

Damper and Bush Tucker
Damper is a style of bread made from flour and water and cooked straight on top of coals drawn out from the camp fire. Bush Tucker is an expression used to refer to foods that are native, and can help one to survive in the outback where ther's little resources. All of this knowledge coming from the indeginous locals.

Anzac Biscuits
The Anzac biscuit is a delicious chewy biscuit made with rolled oats and golden syrup. Having a long shelf life, it was perfect to send overseas to the Anzac (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) during the war years.

Fresh Produce
Australia is renowned for it's fresh produce including wheat, barley, rice, milk and dairy products, beef, lamb, freshwater and saltwater fish.

Common Australian Fast Foods

Chiko Roll

Fish n Chips with Dim Sims

Salad Roll


Australia is much like many of it's western counterparts by featuring all the major fast food franchises such as McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and the like. Being an 'immigration nation', if you like, most cuisines from across the world are well represented. You wont go far to find Chinese, Italian, Mexican and the larger the city the more international the offerings will be. Most of the international cuisines in the fast food arena will be tailored to Australian tastes, and in many cases, much different to that of its origin country.

The most common variety of take-out found in any town or city, is the fish and chip shop, which will likely have a menu including hamburgers, dim sims, potato cakes, scollops and lots of deep fried goodies along with fish that is offered batterd and fried, crumbed or grilled. Although, many of the traditional fish 'n' chip shops are evolving and adding coffee to the menu, some outside chairs, to embrace Australias surging cafe culture.

Shopping mall food courts are popular, and feature a diverse range of options mostly from franchised fast food stores with a healthy tilt such as juice bars, and fresh sandwich bars along with burgers and the ever popular cuisines of Thailand, Chinese, Indian and many more.

Fine Dining

All the major cities in Australia are a food lovers dream, offering a diverse range of styles, drawing on Australia's bountiful supplies of fresh produce.

Home Cooking - what you are likely to find on the menu at an Australian home


Bacon and Eggs - often served toast, sausages, grilled tomato or salad.

Toast - spread with margarine or butter, then peanut butter, or jam, or honey or of course, vegemite.

Weetbix - a popular brand of wheat biscuit eaten in a bowl of milk. Sometimes topped with banana, honey, sugar, strawberry of other fruit.


Sandwiches - two pieces of bread with any number of combinations of salads, meats and sauces. Ham, cheese and tomato is a popular combo, often eaten toasted.

Salads - again, theres any number of combinations of ingredients. Also eaten with dinner, popular in the warmer months. Popular base ingredients are often lettuce and tomato.


Steak and Vegetables

Spaghetti/Pasta - a quick easy favorite for many.

Stir Fry - chop up whatever you like, toss it round in a pan with some spices or a store bought sauce for good luck.

Curry - so many types, but a yellow curry potato is often a favorite.

The Barbecue

The 'barbie' as it is affectionately known is wildly popular irrespective of class. Australia's beautiful climate lends itself well to cooking outdoors and that is take full advantage of, particulalry on weekends.

The weekend BBQ will involve a trip to the butcher to buy sausages, beef steak, lamb chops, kebabs and at home a range of salads will be prepared which may include garden salad or potato salad as two examples.

A trip will also be made to the local bottleshop to buy, in the least, beer. No barbecue seems complete in Australia without alcohol, in moderation, of course.