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A list of VPN services providing an Australian server. 

What is a VPN? from wikipedia "A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure way of connecting to a private Local Area Network at a remote location, using the Internet or any insecure public network to transport the network data packets privately, using encryption."

A VPN has many uses for business, but many personal internet users will make use of VPN services when travelling, so to bypass firewalls and sites that are blocked in that country, or to 'appear' as if they are using the internet from their home country.

Many people will use a Australian VPN server so as to access ABC iView and ABC News from overseas, or online video from channels Seven, Nine or Ten. The point here is that you must use a VPN service with servers in Australia.

The VPN services listed here all have an Australian server option, along with servers in many other countries enabling you to also access US and UK video sites such as BBC, Hulu, CNN, Fox and the like.

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